The last three years studying at the department of music in Sheffield have been the most inspiring, thought-provoking and exciting in my life so far. The degree itself has been an adventure and the best thing about it must be its flexibility to allow me to study and research into topics that I am interested in. I’m interested in musicology, so having the choice to study such a broad range of musicology topics has been so fruitful and rewarding. Also, being able to choose my own research project in third year has confirmed to me what I have always wanted to do, and that’s be an academic researcher in the field of musicology. The resources at Sheffield have been incredible and because I love to read and analyse scores, the libraries have given me so many useful references. I have always admired how family-orientated the department at Sheffield is and how the lecturers are helpful, inspiring and approachable. I am taking a wealth of memories from this department, whether it be from academic experiences, or a really good social that was put on, my time at Sheffield has been full of smiles.

I have also had the pleasure of being involved in many ensembles, committees and groups that have really helped shape my university life thus far. I have been heavily involved in the big band, wind orchestra, symphony orchestra and a wide range of theatre and chamber ensembles whilst in Sheffield, and these have greatly helped my musicianship and social skills. I have made some friends for life, and have also worked with some extremely talented musicians, conductors and composers and this alone has offered me opportunities that I never thought would come around for me. I feel incredibly lucky to have secured my place at Sheffield many moons ago, and I genuinely would not change any of it. I have become a better critical thinker, writer, trumpeter and all-round person, and that’s all down to what the Sheffield music department is all about – making musicians the best they can be in their field. I am so very happy to be staying for another year to pursue an MA in Musicology – I couldn’t bear to leave Sheffield or the department just yet!

Alex Burns